Choosing Love with Sherianna Boyle {Kitchen Table Mystic Podcast with Mary Petiet}

Join the discussion with author Sherianna Boyle, the author of Choosing Love, as she puts love in a whole new light, allowing you to let go of your deepest fears to experience real joy and abundance.

Boyle draws upon her experience as a psychologist, teacher, and energy healer to redefine the way you perceive love and teach you how to connect with yourself. FInd out what inspired her groundbreaking techniques for nurturing love’s vibrations and releasing that which no longer serves to clear the way for setting your own intention to Choose Love.

Don’t miss the sneak preview of her newest book, Mantras Made Easy, due out this January.

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Mysticism doesn’t only happen on remote mountain tops. It happens all around us all the time. It is as near as our own kitchen tables. Join author Mary Petiet for Kitchen Table Mystic, a bi-weekly radio podcast designed to connect inspired women.

Kitchen Table Mystic meets mystery with action in an exploration of how women are improving their worlds through their own empowerment and the empowerment of others. Kitchen Table Mystic features writers, artists, teachers, and healers in an ongoing discussion, weaving the strands of a connected future through the work of today.

Mary Petiet is a reporter, writer and story teller. She holds an M.A. Honours, Medieval History, and a Diploma, Art History, from the University of St. Andrews. Her book, Minerva’s Owls is due out in April 2017, with Homebound Publications. See more of her work on Return to Mago and The Girl God. Find her website at

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