Connecting the Dots: Awakening to Our Intimacy with All That Lives – 3 Day Retreat with Sandy Boucher and Martha Boesing {February 2017 Retreat}

“All things are connected, like the blood that unites one family. All things share the same breath,” Chief Seattle.

In this weekend nonresidential retreat, we are invited to slow down, breathe and relax as we explore the joy of knowing our connectedness with all beings including our loved ones, our enemies, all who suffer, trees, birds and animals.

We will ask the questions: How can we heal our separation from all creatures who breathe the same air as we do? How can we experience our inter-existence with all that lives? Martha and Sandy will lead us in exploring these questions and reaching a deeper level of awareness of “interbeing.”

In the cradle of meditation and silence, we will share through ritual, art, song, dance and writing. All will be held in this warm and supportive environment as we explore our interconnection and reach across the distance to connect with all that lives.

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