Dreamwork for Intuition with Charlotte Elea {Online Course}

Welcome to Dreamwork for Intuition Online Course with Charlotte Elea!

Dreams are messages from your soul; a dream ignored is a message unopened. When you learn how to listen to your dreams, you strengthen your intuitive abilities and gain the potential to be in constant alignment with your soul’s journey. In this course, you’ll gain the six keys to unlocking your intuition through your dreams, and discovering your dreams’ messages to you.

Dreams release the barrier between your conscious thoughts and feelings and the wild, free-flowing ocean of the unconscious. This is where your hidden memories, thoughts, feelings and desires live, and so Dreamwork will get you in touch with the parts of yourself that are waiting for integration, acceptance and healing. But Dreamwork also has the potential to connect you to deeper realms where your soul and true self live, where you exist beyond your body and the physical dimension, and where you may tap into the universal wisdom that connects you to all.


  1. Listening to Feeling
  2. Interpreting the 20 Most Common Dream Symbols
  3. Exploring the People
  4. Understanding Dialogue
  5. Discovering Sacred Objects
  6. Setting Nightly Intentions

You’ll also learn the fundamentals of what your dreams can tell you and how to record and remember your dreams by understanding each of your dream’s essential components. By the end of this course, you will have the essential tools necessary to begin regularly working with your own dreams, so that you may gain a more fluid relationship to your intuition, allowing it to speak its wisdom to you on a daily basis.


  • Understand dreams as metaphor
  • Listen to what your dreams are and are not trying to tell you
  • Learn how to remember and record your dreams
  • Unlock the landscape of your dream through feeling
  • Know how to interpret 20 of the most common dream symbols
  • Explore the meanings of the people in your dream through a simple intuitive exercise
  • Understand the dialogue in your dreams
  • Discover sacred objects in your dreams
  • Learn how to ask your soul for guidance with Intentional Dreaming
  • Receive journaling prompts for intuitive exploration
  • Receive intention setting prompts for direct soul guidance


Charlotte Elea is an Intuitive Counselor and Workshop Leader specializing in deep explorations of the self through tarot and dreams. She has been reading tarot for 15 years, and has an extensive background and training in counseling, feminist psychology, Jungian archetypes, and the current prevailing traditions of tarot.

An empath since childhood, she channels her intuitive abilities and knowledge of the human experience into helping her clients discover their hidden potentials and spiritual paths.

She meets with clients all over the world via email, phone or Skype, and in person in Los Angeles. She can be found at www.dreamintuition.com.

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