Bliss List – 6 Essential Oils to Promote Bliss

It is important to take time to stop and smell the bliss.  You can increase your bliss by introducing essential oils into your home, bath and body use.

Essential oils not only smell wonderful but they have positive benefits for your health and well-being too. Creation of essential oils occurs by the volatile, fragrant properties of plants and flowers being extracted with steam distillation, expression or extraction.  Essential oils are very highly concentrated so a carrier oil is recommended in most cases before using them on the skin. Always make sure you are choosing products with ESSENTIAL oils and not fragrance oils – these are all natural and better quality.

Here are a few of my picks for Organic Essential Oils to Promote Bliss:

 Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil – I call this my BLISS oil.  Ylang-Ylang is one of the most ancient anti-depressants on the planet. It is all natural (and is a Vegan product through NYR Organic).  Ylang-Ylang penetrates straight to our Heart Chakra and induces a strong sense of well-being and bliss.  The scent increases feelings of joy and hope.

Ylang-Ylang also has a sedative quality that allows us to step back from stressful and traumatic situations.  It provides a buffer and the space for us to connect with our heart and release the emotions that no longer serve us.  This is an essential oil that directly supports spiritual and emotional balance.

Recommended Ylang Ylang Essential Oils: Aura Cacia ~ NYR Organic

Grapefruit Essential Oil – Grapefruit Oil is my go-to oil when I am feeling sluggish and need an energy boost.  It energizes the Solar Plexus Chakra and imbues a sense of “can do” and well-being.  If you have a project to complete, this is the oil to diffuse as it has a stimulating effect on the mind and induces alertness.

Grapefruit Oil has a clean, zippy scent that is completely refreshing.  Grapefruit oil is naturally energizing and does not have that furniture polish lemon scent.  Use this oil for stimulation, relief of anxiety and stress, and for those days that you are in the doldrums.

Recommended Grapefruit Essential Oils: Aura Cacia ~ NYR Organic

Mandarin Oil and/or Orange Oil – Mandarin and Orange have similar qualities; both are uplifting (as are most of the citrus oils) and soothing when you are feeling frustrated.  They are calming from a scent-perspective and also have great healing qualities when applied to the body.

Orange oil is a wonderful detoxifier.  It clears the negative energies from our energy fields and revitalizes and renews while uplifting our mood and instilling hope.  Diffuse orange oil for peace and to invite its restoring and restorative qualities to your space.

Recommended Grapefruit Essential Oils: Aura Cacia Sweet Orange ~ NYR Organic Mandarin

Lemongrass Organic Essential Oil – lemongrass essential oil has an earthier scent than lemon and one that I prefer.  It uplifts and battles anxiety.  Keep on hand for panic attacks.

The message of Lemongrass Essential Oil is forgive and forget.  It uplifts the spirit and allows us to embrace forgiveness.  Lemongrass is used to connect to the Angelic Realms and can stimulate psychic powers.

Recommended Lemongrass Essential Oils: Aura Cacia ~ NYR Organic

Lavender Oil – lavender is one of the most important oils to have on hand.  The benefits range from calming anxiety, to relieving headaches, and assisting in sleep.  I added lavender to a spray that I use for my pillows and sheets.  It is marvelous for the times when your mind is racing and you just need to take a deep breath and CALM.

It promotes emotional balance of the psyche and connects us with the blossoming elements of Gaia.  It can be used for healing, purification, and love – especially self love.  Having a stressful day?  Diffuse lavender and watch everyone in the house begin to calm and relax.  We cannot welcome bliss if there is chaos around us and lavender essential oil is a chaos-buster!

Recommended Grapefruit Essential Oils: Aura Cacia ~ NYR Organic

Geranium Oil – need to restore equilibrium to your life?  Geranium is the oil to use.  It dispels the anger, fear, distrust and feelings of unpleasantness (especially around family issues).  Geranium is a direct connect to the Goddess Gaia and calls on Her to help heal painful memories.

Diffuse Geranium oil for comfort and to invite the Divine Feminine directly into your heart.

Recommended Grapefruit Essential Oils: Aura Cacia ~ NYR Organic

There are multiple ways to use essential oils:

  • Add to a carrier oil like Grapeseed Oil or Almond Oil to create your own massage oils
  • 5 drops of an essential oil plus 1 teaspoon of base oil makes for a lovely addition to a steaming bath
  • Diffuse throughout the house using oil burners
  • Sprinkle a few drops on sheets or pillowcases for night time relaxation
  • Apply to your pulse points on your body (make sure the essential oil that you use is safe for skin contact!)
  • Use products that contain essential oils for Self Care.
  • Burn candles with essential oils.
  • Use for meditation – if you use one oil repeatedly, your mind will begin associating that scent with a meditative state.

Diffusing and Burning Your Organic Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a smokeless way to spread the delicious aromas throughout your home.  It even comes with a rainbow of mood lighting and acts as a mini-humidifier.

Essential Oil Burner – just needs a tealight and water to diffuse the essential oils.  Add a few drops of your favorite oil and as the water warms, the fragrance is released.


Disclaimer:  The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Each person has different reactions to Essential Oils.  Consult with your physician for any questions or to feel comfortable before undertaking aromatherapy.

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