Chakra Meditations with Brandi Auset {Online Courses}

Chakras are the energy centers of the human body, swirling wheels of light where matter and consciousness meet. This invisible energy, sometimes categorized as Prana or Chi, is thought to govern the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our being.

By meditating on the energy of each chakra, we learn how to transform any imbalances we may have in our mind, body, and spirit.


This mini-course offers a guided meditation for each chakra, as well as a basic correspondence list and mantra/affirmation practices for each energy center.

We will focus on what is considered in Western yoga, meditation, and New Age traditions to be the seven main chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Each meditation is in mp3 format, and is available for download to any listening device.

This course is designed for those with a basic knowledge of the chakra system, and are looking to deepen their practice. You will have immediate access to all 7 meditations, so that you may practice according to your own needs.


Brandi Auset is trained as a High Priestess of the Goddess, as well as a Reiki Master Teacher, massage therapist, spiritual counselor, and interfaith minister.  She is the author of “The Goddess Guide: Exploring the Attributes and Correspondences of the Divine Feminine”, published with Llewellyn Worldwide. and is currently developing a new Goddess title, as well as a divination deck.  Brandi has been working with Goddess energy for most of her life, and she teaches workshops on many topics, including techniques for infusing the Goddess and Her power into daily life and spiritual practice.

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