Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo for February 10, 2017

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Personally Speaking:

All lunar eclipses are full moons, but not all full moons are lunar eclipses. This Full Moon is also a Lunar eclipse, which means it is especially powerful.  This eclipse falls in the sign of Leo emphasizing creativity, self-expression, and the courage to follow your dreams.  Leo is a fire sign, and symbolizes passion, joy, and the life affirming positive energy of the sun.   Where is your heart drawing you at this time? What is your Inner Child wanting to create… to feel?  Eclipses travel in 19 year cycles. What was happening in your life in 1998? There is a message there for you during this eclipse. The ancient astrologers believed that it was better not to take action under a lunar eclipse.  The reasoning for this is that deeply held subconscious attitudes may influence your rational decision making process; therefore, it is better to postpone making important emotional decisions, as your plans may not work out as expected. A Lunar Eclipse signals that we are capable of re-booting our emotional patterning with new awareness, but it is necessary to take the time out to meditate and reflect on our thoughts and feelings. The rule is that it is better to listen to what others have to say or reveal to you, rather than for you to make demands or issue ultimatums. Lunar events have more to do with our emotional situations and decisions (the Moon), and involve the important women or family members in our lives.  Full Moon eclipses may also involve real estate or domestic activities. Most of the time, it is better to ride out the wave of an eclipse before taking direct action.  Bide your time and act a few weeks later (when both eclipses have passed), and things are more settled. You’ll have more information to put the all puzzle pieces together.  Meditate and try to tune in to your inner guidance.

All Full Moons are the manifestations of our inner intentions. This Full Moon in Leo is about having the courage to create your heart’s desire, and express your authentic self. It is about the outer expression of your inner child’s need to shine. Nothing makes a Leo happier than being appreciated for his or hers talents and gifts. What is your passion? What feeds your soul?  Think of the feline kingdom (ruled by Leo). Cats do as they please…cats are comfortable in their bodies, fluid and free.  If you have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Leo, this Full Moon eclipse may trigger your creativity and self-expression. This is the perfect time for you to show your true colors and allow more spontaneity and fun into your life. Wherever the sign of Leo falls in your birth chart, this Full Moon eclipse signals the time to get in touch with your feelings and allow more joy into your life!

Planetary Pictures:

Jupiter Retrograde in Libra and opposite Uranus in Libra:

Jupiter, the King of the Gods, is retrograding in the sign of Libra, the sign of relationship, balance and harmony. Jupiter is also about expanding your horizons.  During this retrograde time, you may be reassessing your personal relationships and how you deal with them. Along with this Lunar Eclipse, Jupiter may also bring up emotional/relationship issues that have been simmering on the back burner. This is a good time to clear the air. Government institutions and the political arena are Jupiter’s home turf. We may see sudden and   rather unusual solutions to old problems. Freedom and revolution are in the air. Themes that were the focus of the 1960’s with the Pluto in Leo generation are highlighted once again.  We will see this eclipse pushes people’s buttons, especially in response to emotionally charged political issues. Individual liberty is never to be taken for granted.  At a time filled with hyperbole, exaggerated rhetoric, and empty promises about the future, Jupiter in Libra is asking us to see both sides of the issue, to read between the lines, and not be swept away by empty promises and manipulative theatrics of politicians.

Moon in Leo Trine Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries:

This is a very positive aspect known in astrology as a Grand Fire Trine. There is great optimism with this aspect. This fire trine emphasizes that having a positive attitude and taking risks can accomplish miracles. Having the courage of one’s convictions and standing up for what you believe in does make a difference. Faith can, indeed, move mountains!

Blessings, Mary

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