New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces – February 26

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This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces. The eclipse path extends through Chile, Argentina, and the west coast of S. America. Issues with the New Moon in Pisces have water-related themes; floods, storms, gas/ oil production and religious issues may be in the news. Sometimes, unusual “disappearances” or diseases also make the headlines. Arts and entertainment come under the rulership of Pisces, so the evening of the Academy Awards may hold a few surprises!

Solar Eclipses in General:
In general, there are some important points to remember during a Solar eclipse. Although every Solar eclipse is a New Moon, not every New Moon is an eclipse. A Solar Eclipse is like a New Moon with exclamation points, as the electromagnetic and gravitational forces affecting the Earth are significantly more magnified.

For humans, our cosmic bio-computers get a complete “reboot” during the sun’s apparent dark phase. Consciousness is more receptive to right brain information….dreams, meditation….music and art. Solar Eclipses are brilliant illuminators and more event oriented than Lunar eclipses which have more of an effect on our emotional bodies. (See my Feb 10, 2017 Full Moon Eclipse post).

Solar eclipses may affect the male energy in our lives, (while lunar eclipses generally affect female energy). It is important not to make any rash decisions during an eclipse, as your judgment may be impaired. Major pieces of information may be missing, so wait for more time to think about your next action. It may take a few weeks to understand the real meaning of what is going on. Issuing “ultimatums” is not a good idea until the eclipse phase passes. Be patient and keep an open mind.

Eclipses also act like dramatic “wild cards”. They may shake things up so we move into a new phase of life. Often times, the change is unexpectedly beneficial, but even if it seems challenging at first, the change is exactly what we need to get moving, especially if we have become too “stuck” or rigid in old patterns. For example, you may start something totally new, like a new job, marriage, or moving to a new home. On the other hand, an eclipse may “eclipse out” someone or something from your life, as is the case of separation / divorce or job change. Usually something ends, so something new may began. A Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces means there can be a total reconfiguration of our conscious programming once we acknowledge any residual past fears with compassion and forgiveness.
Eclipses always repeat in nearly exact degree and sign every 19 years. What was going on for you during Feb/March of 1998?

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The New Moon in Pisces:
This New Moon falls in the sign of Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, the mutable (shape-shifting) water sign, which urges human consciousness to evolve.

Pisces rules the magical, emotional realm of our subconscious and dream worlds. It is the sign of the poet and mystic; artist and healer; savior and sinner; doctor and patient; shaman and physicist. Pisces is probably the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac; and like its symbol, the two fishes swimming in opposite directions, it is a sign that embraces both duality and Oneness…the universe where subatomic physics and religion merge.

The “old age” of Pisces was associated with the symbol of the “fish”; now as we move forward in our evolutionary process, Pisces becomes the “Grail” which holds the elixir of life, symbolizing our baptism into the New Age. The planet Neptune is the “ruler” of the sign of Pisces. As humanity awakens out of it “old” Neptunian illusions of fear and victimhood, the “fog” clears and we become more open to unconditional love and respect for all living beings. This is the greatest lesson that Pisces has to offer: unconditional love and compassion. Think about where you can give or receive more love in your life; where you can refrain from judging others negatively; where you can help someone in need…and always offer thanks for whatever is good in your life. Know that this is the time of “signs and wonders”; and miracles do indeed occur!

Personally Speaking:
If an eclipse falls on your birthday, the year that follows will be an extremely significant one for you; this is also a year to pay close attention to your health. Eclipses will sometimes point out underlying weaknesses that can be addressed quickly to insure your vitality. Pisces rules the feet, as well as the lymph system of the body. Its opposite sign Virgo, rules the stomach and digestive processes, so pay attention to both signs, if your birthday falls on (or near) Feb 26th.

If your Sun or Moon is in the sign of Pisces, it is part of your soul signature to be of service to humanity in your own way. Since the sign Pisces rules the unconscious, creative process of the right brain, many actors, musicians, artists, spiritual leaders, and scientists have Pisces planets prominent in their birth charts. Pisceans are very sensitive and emotional, and they can get “lost” in their own inner worlds. As both healers and artists, it is important to be aware of their psychic boundaries.

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This New Moon Solar Eclipse will highlight your “inner Muse”, as well as your relations with the important men in your life. This is a message from the Universe to pay more attention to the creative, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life now. If we do not recharge our psychic batteries, we run a very major risk of “psychic” infection.

If you have been feeling “out of it” or somewhat disconnected from reality over the past few days, you are not alone. The nature of Pisces is to have us become an “empty vessel” letting go of guilt, blame and anything that holds us in darkness. During this New Moon weekend, find positive ways to channel the Piscean energy: meditation, yoga, listening to harmonic music, watching a good film, having a “spa day”, walking in nature….or just taking some “quiet time” a few minutes a day.

Give yourself permission to love yourself more. We cannot be of service to others, if we don’t pay attention to our own needs.

Planetary Pictures:
This Full Moon has some very potent aspects with it. Chiron, the Wounded Healer asteroid, is also in the sign of Pisces and is aligned with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune. This is certainly opening the cosmic floodgates of compassion and forgiveness!

Also, the Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aries is opposite Jupiter in Libra and square Pluto in Capricorn. This is called a T-square configuration and signifies a great deal of tension, upsets and chaos surrounding government decisions. In our personal lives, it is important to remain calm and centered in all our relations (Libra), and to accept change as an inevitable part of evolution.

Spiritually Speaking:
This gives us hope for healing old emotional and psychic wounds on a very deep collective level. Lifetimes of martyrdom and suffering, chaos and pain can be healed as we open up to the wave of compassion and unconditional love emanating to us from the Great Cosmic Mother. Whether we call her Isis, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary or by any of her myriad of names, we are being called to embrace the Feminine Consciousness, which resides in all of us.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac encompassing many ancient spiritual lineages and paths to healing. The sign of Pisces is connected with the Egyptian God, Nefertum, and the patron of aromatherapy. In Egyptian mythology, Nefertum was depicted as a lotus flower at the creation of the world, which had arisen from the primal waters. The science of aromatherapy or “scent alchemy” in ancient Egypt was a sacred art and intrinsic in magical ceremonies and ritual.

The blue lotus is depicted on every temple and tomb wall signifying the codes for immortality. We know that scent opens up pathways in the brain associated with memories. Oils also carry electromagnetic frequency. Our brains get “amped up”, and new neuronal pathways open up. One of the best ways to release emotional (as well as past life debris) is by aromatherapy massage. It stimulates cellular memory and releases toxins at the same time… a wonderful treat for you during the Pisces New Moon!


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  2. […] may resurface. View them with new eyes; don’t reopen old wounds. The last solar eclipse (see February 26th update) says that it is better to move on. In terms of finances, review the fine print on any large […]

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