The Fountain Tarot for the Modern Seeker – A Review

“You are the voice and the breath of universes.” That is the message that welcomes you as you open the box of the self-published Tarot deck, The Fountain Tarot, and is a sentiment you’ll feel often while using this deck.

Released in 2015 by Creator Jonathan Saiz, Writer Jason Gruhl and Designer Andi Todoro, this Tarot deck was quickly promoted to one of my favorite and most used decks from the day it arrived on my doorstep.

The Fountain Tarot hails from the tradition of the infamous Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and contains beautifully unique and utterly contemporary interpretations of its themes. Each card contains a narrative illustration of one or more characters either in action or posed, and there is something about their immense facial expressions that give you a familiar feeling of knowing them personally. Because of this, both beginning and advanced Tarot readers will find equal ease of use and enjoyment from this deck.

One of the most striking features of the Fountain Tarot is its heavy use of geometric shapes to convey modern day life. Subtly, this also speaks to the way technology has infused our psyches, relationships, behaviors and beliefs. It connects the mundane with the spiritual, as those geometric shapes portray the infrastructure that surrounds us, but also the powerful, unchangeable truths of the universe, which we may turn towards to seek refuge from our constantly evolving culture.

The gentle pastels, soft lines and blended strokes of the hand-painted images balance out the geometric shapes, as well as create an uplifting, ethereal quality. I most definitely sense a connection to the spiritual essence of the universe while I use this deck, in part through the combination of colors, characters and abstract shapes in these cards.

Following in the footsteps of many contemporary decks, the Fountain Tarot contains an extra 79th card, called the Fountain. I often remove these extra cards from new decks I receive, but I decided to keep this one in. I am glad I did because the Fountain card has become a welcome addition to the Tarot.

The Fountain represents a connection to source, the realization that all is connected, and an invitation to remain still, observe and just be. It fulfills a great need for spiritual seekers in our screen-obsessed, technology driven culture, where distractions and competing priorities abound every direction we may turn.

The cards are printed on a high quality, matte card stock, embossed with silver edging. When I first began using this deck over six months ago, I feared it would be too fragile for heavy use and would be relegated to my personal collection. I couldn’t have been more wrong—I use this deck every day, even shuffle it poker style, and the cards remain in top quality with no rips and scratches and minimal bending.

I was thrilled that Jason granted me permission to use the Fountain Tarot cards in my course on Mystery School of the Goddess, Tarot Insight: 12 Weeks of Soul Activation. The included images of 13 Major Arcana cards provide wonderful meditation tools for the course, helping us tap into these spiritual guides within our souls.

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