Choosing Love by Sherianna Boyle – Book Review

Choosing Love seeks bliss as it offers readers an enlightening journey from fear to love.  Author Sherianna Boyle draws upon her experience as a psychologist, teacher, and energy healer to redefine perceptions of love, teaching readers to connect with themselves to live life from its highest potential.

When Choosing Love came out last year, Boyle included an important dedication: To Love. Of the six books she has written, she said this one is her favorite,  “because choosing love is what it’s all about.”

Boyle starts with the premise that love is the universal energy uniting us all, and provides readers with three main love points from the get go:  “one, love is with you all the time, two, hiding behind your fears only distances you from love, and three, the more aware you become of the universal love all around you, the stronger its presence becomes in your life.”

Boyle’s recipe for living a life free of fear-fear of failure, fear unworthiness, or fear of living your truth openly is changing the focus of love from a feeling to give and receive to an energy perpetually experienced. She writes “Love will help you conquer these fears and live your life to the fullest. Choosing Love is a way to release stress, remove obstacles, wash away negativity, release toxic memories, sharpen your awareness, forgive, be present, let go, manifest your dreams and more.”

Sherianna Boyle

As Boyle wrote Choosing Love I had the fortune to be a regular student in her yoga class. Through yoga we explored most of the major themes in her book, such as what is love, the absence of love, how to overcome common obstacles to choosing love, allowing love, energy work, and the authenticity of living a love filled life. Boyle would sometimes call us her guinea pigs as we experimented with the themes, learned to set intentions, and she ferried us from the fear based mindset which fosters confusion and ferments chaos to the calm shores of power, strength and resiliency. As the book offers the meditations and visualisations we experimented with on our yoga mats, readers can gain the same benefits we experienced directly in class.

Sherianna Boyle’s teaching and motto is “choosing love” and her practice has led her to writing a book of the same name, Choosing Love. My friend across the yoga mat paints the mandalas she sees as she practices, and my own book was also inspired by this energy, these glimpses of wisdom brought through the quiet of the pose, the quiet inner refuge that opens the universe.

Sherianna explains that we are raising our energy vibration so that we may be open to the greater vibration. We are seeking spirituality within a mostly Christian context because that is the tradition we know, yet we are very secular in our approach, and as we borrow from other traditions, such as yoga, and practice in the church’s sacred space, always with the same core group, always with the same intention, I imagine what we do and experience has been done and experienced before by Julian of Norwich. ~ from my post Body Prayer and Julian of Norwich

Choosing Love is about embracing fearlessness through each chapter and exercise, and will continue to resonate with the reader long after the book has been put down. As Boyle writes, “ …once you are clear on how and why to choose love, everything-and I mean everything, your work, relationships, health, attitude, goals-will be sweeter, stronger, and brighter…and you will be on a spiritual path to joy and self discovery.”

Choosing Love available on Amazon

Listen to my interview with Sherianna on Kitchen Table Mystic Podcast

More about Sherianna Boyle:

Sherianna is a licensed School Psychologist and presently works as a Adjunct Psychology Professor and Mindset Trainer at The Center for Corporate and Professional Education of Cape Cod Community College.  She is certified in three different energy systems.  Although much of her work is based on Quantum Healing, Sherianna is not a fan of attaching to one system. This is because what works for one person may not be in the best interest of another. Therefore, the system she uses is her ability to receive information from the divine. With that said, Sherianna is a committed student of energy work and continues her professional development as a Quantum healer and student of Energy Medicine.

She has been teaching yoga/meditation for over 14 years four of those years she spent owning and operating a thriving yoga studio which she proudly relinquished before the birth of her third daughter. Sherianna has a private practice with expertise in stress, education, parenting, anxiety, and depression. Read her full bio

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