March – The Time of Becoming {Living Wild}

Everything in the world is emerging, coming forth, becoming, and being born at this time. The tips of forest ferns gently unfurl, silent roots below now send tender shoots, stems and brightly greened-tipped leaves upwards, breaking free through the warm, thawed soil, baby bunnies, chicks, lambs and other springtime animals are birthed into the world at this time, and chattery birdsong fills the air. Even the light coming through the newly greened boughs of trees is a bit more golden, more shimmery and more magical, as if it were shivering in anticipation of something that is just about to happen.

The earth is in her greening time now; she is coming alive, awakening; shaking off all remnants of the sleepy winter, and bursting forth with new life, promise, and potential, and the world is in a state of becoming.

The element that is associated with March is the air, with its fresh, soft breezes, winds of change, and moist, warm air currents that gently rouse the world awake. The dreams that were dreamt during the darkness of winter now make their way into form, for the element of air helps to transport ideas and inspiration into the physical, into being, and it is in this season that we plant seeds, plan and grow.

Colors that are associated with this this month are: the soft, bright white of big, billowy spring clouds, the sharp cornflower blue of the spring skies, the pale, buttery yellows and pinks of the early morning dawn, and the golden, shimmering sunlight as it begins to warm the air. Look also, for the jade-like shades of green in the fresh, spongy moss growing between the toes of trees, and the dark brown of the winter-wet soaked mud and the first spring rains. Consider these colors when decorating your March altar, and also when choosing crystals, candles and other ritual, magical tools.

The elemental being that is associated with the earth during this season is the unseen, invisible sylph; who is delicate, elegant, graceful and airy in nature, flowing like a breeze through the world, changing form and shape—just like the element that it inhabits; the air—which is also associated with this time of year Linked with the intellect, thoughts and ideas, sylph is ever-changing, difficult to pin down, and is ethereal, intelligent and quick. Consider this as guidance to focus your March meditations on creating freshness in your life, and becoming lighter, seeking more movement, flow and growth as we move into this season.

The direction that is associated with this time, is the east, place of beginnings, the dawn, fresh new starts, beginnings, renewal, birth, and re-birth. The east is also the place of the mysteries, and ‘The Great Breath’, which is in reference to the myth of the cosmos having been breathed into being on the exhalation of The Divine Source from its essence of the east, which is associated with air. The mysterious teachings of air lies with its similarity to thought, which is invisible—yet felt; for while we cannot see the air, we can feel it, and sense it blowing across our skin, across the surface of the ocean, and also through the leaves of trees.

The heart of winter is far behind us now, and this time is associated with the hour of dawn and all of its awakened light and illumination. Spring is strongly associated with the light of the sun as it breaks though the twilight, and the mystical hours of pre-dawn to burst forth into the world with a silent and fiery show. This time of year continues to be associated with the new moon, but now also the green, fresh, pure, maiden aspect of the goddess, for this is when the moon and The Goddess have awakened to the light of the sun, and all of their feminine power, magic and beauty.

The crone aspect of The Goddess has long since ‘died’ to the winter months, and it is the maiden who rises now, gloriously reborn, and whose fertile form will soon become the mother during the autumn months.

This fully awakened maiden form of The Goddess brings into the world her aspects of innocence, purity, newness, and freshness. Her arrival also re-awakens the world, and all living things respond to Her presence, and hear Her call to become, grow, emerge, bud, and come forth. There is celebration, and rejoicing for Her at this time, for She brings to us all of the promise and hope and light of spring, and completely sheds her wintry cloak of death and decay, for now is a time of renewal and rebirth, awakening and becoming.  

In March, The Goddess leaves the cosmic womb, is born anew to become the dream, and the essence of Feminine power…and having made Her way towards the increasing light, She now becomes the light.

Use this month to call upon The Goddess archetype of the maiden—and the mother, as you go deep into your March meditations. Ask for Her to share all that she knows with you about renewal, beginnings, and becoming. The maiden encourages you to be courageous, powerful and free, while the mother encourages you to self-nurture, come forth and to trust.


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