What Started My Spiritual Journey

I was just like you.  

I followed the plan: Great grades, great college, great job…  

But I didn’t FEEL great.

I used to beat myself up, thinking I wasn’t appreciative enough.  Everyone else thought I had a great life.  Everyone else was amazed by my accomplishments.

And don’t get me wrong, I am still proud of the fact that I was an inspiration for so many.  I did things they never thought they could do, and they needed someone to show them it was possible.

BUT I didn’t FEEL great!

The turning point came for me at 28.  I was sitting in a Town Hall meeting at the major cable network where I used to work.  We invited to view that year’s Upfront video package, which is when a cable station invites media outlets to preview their upcoming programming.  I remember looking around at my coworkers as they danced, laughed and genuinely enjoyed the video.  I remember feeling…like I didn’t belong.  I had my own opinions and disagreements with the direction of the content at the network, but apparently…I was the only one.

Right then and there, I made a decision.  There HAD to be more to life than this.  I was determined!  And so began my journey to Find MY Happy.

Since I was very young, I never felt a part of society the way it’s structured. I was always very free-spirited, I always questioned what didn’t make sense, and I daydreamed ALL the time!  However, when I expressed these feelings to the adults around me, I was always told, “Deal with it,”  to “Suck it up,” and “That’s just the way it is, what are you gonna do about it?”.  So I always felt I would have to suffer through life…because I should have been born in Atlantis LOL!  Or at the very least, I would have been happier living with an indigenous tribe before global colonization began.

Many years later, I took a course in college called “Myth, Ritual & Mysticism.” It was an introduction to all things metaphysical and esoteric, like Intuition, the i-Ching, Reiki healing, Reincarnation, etc. We had to read “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss and that REALLY resonated with me. This was an amazing introduction to a deeper, more spiritual, more profound, more loving, more synchronistic, and more mystical world I had longed for, and really, REALLY always wanted to live in! Honestly, the entire course got me excited and interested in learning more about this newfound world because I finally felt at home!

I continued doing my research, and really absorbing a whole new dimension of information and wisdom.  At the same time, I worked at various companies, the longest being at the cable company I mentioned.  At the point where I had that epiphany, I decided the time had come to get serious about living my purpose and subsequently and much happier and more fulfilling life.

I ultimately decided to pursue a career in teaching, coaching and counseling, as all roads were guiding me in that direction.  Working a 9-to-5 never fit who I am, what I’m about and my basic human needs, like proper self-care. Besides, I have Divine gifts that I feel I was given to share with the world! I just needed to discover the how.  And Find Your Happy was born.

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