7 Reasons Why International Women’s Day Matters

Why does International Women’s Day matter?  Does it make any difference to us at all?  I’ve been thinking about this…well at least for a couple of months, since before the Womens’ March in January (2017).  Actually, I’ve been thinking about this probably my whole life. Why? Because I am female, because I’m Hispanic, I live on a border (to Mexico), because I choose the alternatives in health care, education, religion and nutrition. Because I’m a mother, a grandmother, a business owner.

Mostly because I care what kind of world I live in. I care because I want honor and respect for the Earth, humanity and all the creepy crawlies, the birds, the fish, the mountains and oceans, because I care about the way women are treated both here in the US and around the world, and because I want to be treated with dignity.

Here are my 7 Reasons why International Women’s Day Matters:

  1. Because there are people working to educate and bring us new awareness  International Women’s Day theme this year is #BeBoldforChange.  They have a variety of resources including videos and social media and events.
  2. Women have been struggling for equality, recognition and honor for centuries…now is the time!
  3. Gender Inequality still exists in the world
  4. Gender Inequality still exists in the US
  5. Violence is still an issue.
  6. The Women’s March inspired us and gave us hope. I particularly like the Women’s March Mission and Vision Statement.  It’s something that inspires me!
  7. Because I have hope. I have hope that things are really getting better. When I read this blog on 99 Reasons 2016 was a Good Year, it gave me great hope. I have hope that my children and grandchildren will live in a world that honor and respects Mother Earth and  differences and gifts of each of us. I have hope because we are all connected, to each other, to the rest of creation. Caring for, protecting and honoring our home on earth helps us all.

Women Walking, photo by Genevieve Mitchell

I do think International Women’s Day is important, for all of us!

Photo credits: Shutterstock and Genevieve Mitchell

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