Full Moon in Virgo on March 12 – The World We Are Creating

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I am very excited to announce the updating of the new Egyptian Blue Lotus Foundation website at this Full Moon time. For more information and updates from Egypt, you can also find us on Facebook.

As I write this to you from Egypt, star-gazing from my hotel balcony, this magical Full Moon shines her radiance upon the majestic three pyramids of Giza. I am feeling immense joy and gratitude at, once again, being blessed here in Egypt. Today, as we meditated inside the Great Pyramid, our hearts and minds joined as One as we sent prayers of peace and healing to all sentient beings. May love and miracles abound!

Full Moon in Virgo: March 12, 2017

All Full Moons illustrate the themes of the opposite signs involved. At this Full Moon time, we are balancing Virgo and Pisces: analysis and logic with universal compassion. When is it more beneficial to “surrender” our ego; and when is it more appropriate to stand our ground and use “mind over matter”. If “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”; then Virgo is its Goddess Mother!

This Full Moon Virgo is an Earth sign; she is practical rather than a dreamer. Her role is to be of service and to help others through her mental acuity, rather than to be the prima donna. She is the director, choreographer, and set designer, rather than the star of the show. The ruler of the sign of Virgo is the planet, Mercury, which rules our thought processes, language and communication. Virgo is also the sign of healers; it calls for us to be of service on the planet, but to also be discriminating in thought, word and deed. Translation: practice non-judgment, trust your intuition, and don’t believe everything you read or hear. Be aware of how you choose to express yourself. Words do matter! “The world we created is a product of our thinking. “We cannot change the world without changing our thinking”. (Albert Einstein).

Personally Speaking:

This Full Moon is potent with healing energy, if we use its “magic” with full awareness. The Virgo Full Moon is associated with Isis, the Great Mother Goddess of Egypt (some say that the original face of the sphinx was carved in the image of Isis during the Age of Virgo). This was the age of the matrilineal, agrarian societies when the feminine face of the goddess was revered and worshipped. Isis was the goddess who taught her people the right use of magic, the healing arts and importance of “words of power”. The sacred task of Virgo is to restore health to mind, body and spirit.

In addition, Chiron, the wounded Healer of ancient Greek mythology, is opposite this Full Moon in the sign of Pisces. Chiron is the shamanic bridge between physical and nonphysical realities. If you work in any of the healing professions, you are working with the Chiron archetype. (Wherever Chiron falls in your birth chart, describes your greatest gift, as well as where your greatest “wounding” occurs). It is interesting that prior to 1970 very few individuals looked upon themselves as “healers”, or would ever think of going outside the medical established “box” for treatment. Although it was not officially discovered until 1977, Chiron is responsible for a return to shamanic wisdom, as well as healing modalities with crystals, herbs, essential oils. This Full Moon says that now is the time to address our spiritual “disconnect” , as well as our physical imbalances. We are coming to realize that we are Light beings magnetized into form. Let’s get with the program!

If Virgo is your sun sign, or you have major planets in the sign, the themes of discrimination, self- analysis, and attention to detail are important for your growth and development. You need to avoid obsessive/compulsive thinking, or the feeling of being addicted to perfection. Areas to monitor are your diet and digestion, especially in regard to food allergies. Virgos like to look and feel good, so they may be involved in the fashion industry, as well as health and fitness professions. Designers, models, craftspeople, accountants, musicians (especially guitarists) have Virgo prominent in their birth horoscopes.


This Full Moon in Virgo opposes the Sun, Mercury and Chiron ( all in the sign of Pisces) and also makes a challenging aspect with Saturn (in Sagittarius) known as the T-Square.

We must remain consciously aware of negative thinking patterns. Avoid escapism and feelings of victimization. Old hurts can unconsciously lead to self- sabotage and heavy feelings. Use your positive affirmations, healing chants, drumming and a good dose of fresh air and nature to break out of the mental trap. The good news is that the Full Moon is making a positive aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. If we can maintain our balance through the intense emotional tides, we have the potential to transform, rebuild and restore our personal power and self-confidence.

The planet Venus is also retrograding (for the next 6 weeks). It is important to redefine our relationship with love and money, both ruled by Venus. Important people may come back into your life; past relationships may resurface. View them with new eyes; don’t reopen old wounds. The last solar eclipse (see February 26th update) says that it is better to move on. In terms of finances, review the fine print on any large expenditures. What your heart desires may change in six weeks’ time.

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