Surrender and a Review of the Change Me Prayers Oracle Deck by Tosha Silver

I keep hitting reset on my year. That poor reset button is absolutely battered at this point and I am hoping to truly engage 2017 sometime this summer.

Since January 4, I have been a bit battered too; several bouts of flu, other weird and random health crises, chronic fatigue, ER visits, and an immune system that has left the building with Elvis. Hope springs eternal and each week I think, YES. This is it. I am WELL. And then I fall asleep and drool on my keyboard in the middle of the afternoon.

Everything that I can control, I am controlling. Diet, vitamins, immune boosters, sleep schedule, work schedule, and the list goes on and on. Therein lies the problem: control, schedules, expectations, lists. The one thing that I needed to do never even made the list until I got a big reminder (like the 100th reminder, but I am a hard head).

What could it be? The key to it all? It is actually the answer all the time … Surrender. As in Cease Resistance. Stop. Give Up. Knock it off. Quit it. Pause and pause again. 

The 100th reminder came wrapped in a conversation with the gorgeous, awesome Goddess Walking, Tosha Silver, and then (in case that was not enough), her Change Me Prayers Oracle Deck arrived the next day. From the West Coast. Overnight, even though it was regular mail. And appeared in my box about five hours before our usual mail delivery.

I am sure Ganesha crossed time and space to get it to me, especially when I pulled my first card …

And the prayer … oh the prayer …

I felt something release in me, like a spring. My body actually sagged and I started laughing. How perfect and how needed. Tosha and Ganesha to the rescue and what a fabulous team they are!

In the past week, I have been working this deck every single day. Multiple times a day. When I start to resist what my body has been telling me for months, I stop, breathe, and pull a card. And I think about it, journal it, hold it on my heart and just absorb the cosmic wisdom through osmosis.

There are 67 prayers/cards in the deck, each artfully designed with an evocative prayer that makes way for the Universe to speak directly to your heart. The deck is based on Tosha’s second book, Change Me Prayers: the Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender, and the deck and her books are highly recommended.

The cards have not only been an inspiration but a confirmation. Right before the eclipse season in February, I connected with Mary Lomando, my astrologer. She gave me a heads up that health issues seemed to be the focus from the beginning of 2017 and potentially until the end of March. The good news is that these issues are part of a cosmic/akashic detox, so I needed to just let it happen. Hard head moment 84.

Weeks later, I held the Change Me Prayers Oracle Deck and asked WHY (as in feeling so blech)? I received the Conduit card. Confirmation that changes were happening on multiple levels.

Then I asked, how should I handle things? I received the Vampire card, as in protect my energy. You know, by SURRENDERING and staying down when I need to be down.

Next question was, what is the outcome? I swear I heard Goddess laughing when I received the Balance card.

Pull a card each morning or day. Put a special card on your altar. Invite a conversation with the Divine (and prepare to get a gentle thump or 100 in a good way). Open to the magick of sacred intervention. Pray often. See synchronicity. Open to the love from Goddess and God that is available always. Tell your hard head to stop it.

Tosha has gifted us with yet another love letter from the Divine and I am grateful for her and the guidance that has been channeled here. It’s not hyperbole to say that the Change Me Prayers Oracle Deck has re-centered my daily practice. Some tools come to us because they are a joy to use and some tools come to us because we need them. Tosha’s deck is both. The prayers are tangible and enchanting reminders of Surrender for me and my hard head. I can breathe. And I am open and oh-so-grateful. Your heart needs this, your soul is waiting for it.

Start your own conversation with the Divine and …

Get your Change Me Prayers Oracle Deck (coming to Amazon soon!)

Change Me Prayers: the Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender

Tosha’s first book, Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead, is a mesmerizing and humorous series of stories and observations on how the Universe, Goddess, God, is speaking to us all the time. When we see the Universe through eyes of wonder, guidance and love responds to us through synchronicities and divine circumstances all the time.

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  1. Fungo says:

    Great review and I love Tosha. I bought the app version of the deck so I am not sure what all the cards are. Are there actually 67 prayer cards ? Thank you

    • Kimberly F. Moore - Founder says:

      Hi Fungo – there are! And they are wonderful to handle! Ohhhh I have to check the app version!

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