Bliss Practices to Welcome Spring

It’s official! Spring has sprung this morning and while there may still be snow on the ground, we can see peeks of the new season. Time to shed the last of winter and focus our energies on transformation, both inner and outer. Consider Spring Equinox a powerful time to review the past few months, release what is not working, and set new intentions for the year ahead. Are you ready for the liberation of Spring?

We have some Spring Bliss Practices that will help you welcome the new season and don’t forget to check out our new Wake Up! Morning Bliss Practices free online course. Inspiration, breath, yoga, meditation, tarot, crystal grids, and more await the fresh start of your mornings!


Create a Spring altar or meditation area with all the symbols of Spring.

“Meditate” on the Hare Goddess in Her divine chocolate form as the Easter Bunny.

Choose a Spring Goddess and create a seasonal practice to get to know Her. Some Goddesses of Spring:  Gaia, Oshun, Flora, Artemis, Bhumi, Eostre, Ostara, Freya, Kore/Persephone, Proserpina, Sita, Brigid, the Horae, Hera, Aphrodite, Maeve, Boann, Diana, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Erzulie, La Sirene, Lakshmi, Eos, Ix Chel, Bast, Kuan Yin, Iris, Saraswati, Shakti, Blodeuwedd, Eurynome, Ishtar.

Have a Spring celebration to dye eggs for everyone to take home and use for their altars. Use all natural dye for the eggs (example: beet juice is for red eggs, turmeric is for yellow, blueberry juice is for blue eggs).

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Walk a labyrinth to embrace the cyclical nature of Goddess and the Seasons – contemplate the lessons of Winter and how you are being called to integrate those lessons into the creation of Spring. Use the labyrinth locator to find one near you!

Go barefoot and stretch out on Gaia. Allow Her energy to energize you! Spring reading: Earthing

Spend some time with babies, children, baby animals – see the world through eyes of wonder and joy.

Create a Nature Mandala – use all natural and organic items, such as seeds, flowers, sticks, and stones, and food for the animals.

Use crystals to create a grid for your health, wellness, and renewal, or any intention. Wake Up! Morning Bliss Practices is a free course on Seeking Bliss EveryDay and healer, Sara Monserrat Teixido shares her crystal grid practice and a guided meditation. Below is her grid to release and heal.

Adorn a Wishing Tree – write wishes and prayers on ribbons to tie on a special tree.  Make sure the ribbons are loose enough for the tree branches to grow!

Start a new practice or area of study – Mystery School of the Goddess has a bounty of offerings!

Spend time in Nature. Nothing is as restorative as communing with nature – forests, wildlife preserves, parks. Take a walk and collect items to add to your Spring altar.

Attend a Spring Festival in your community.

Find or organize an Earth Day event. Earth Day is April 22.

Give flowers to someone that you appreciate – spread Spring! Fill your own house and sanctuary with gorgeous blooms!

Gather with friends to celebrate Spring Equinox and the Moons. If you do not know of any local groups, join me and Brandi Auset every month online for Goddess Full Moon Group!

Spring cleaning is a thing – clear out the old energy, refresh and renew your home, and make way for NEW to enter. Ganesha is a great deity to call on for Spring cleaning and remove obstacles!

Look for baby vegetables in the market and some that are only seasonal (like wild ramps and fiddleheads) and try some new recipes! How can you eat more seasonally, organically, and local? Check for Spring recipes

Keep track of the astrology of the season and how the planets may be affecting you. Recommended are:

I wish you the blessings of Spring, HOLY YES’s to and from the Universe, the grace of Goddess, laughter that lights up your Soul, and the blooming of your hopes and dreams for this season.

Thank you for being part of my Spring!

xo Kimberly

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