10 Things to Do to Connect to the Energy of Spring

Happy New Year!!!  

No, I’m not two months late 🙂 Spring Equinox is the actual New Year, both in nature and in Astrology. Animals come out of hibernation, flowers begin to bloom, trees begin to blossom, and crops begin to sprout. Of course, this only applies to the Northern Hemisphere; in the Southern Hemisphere, March 20th marks the Autumn Equinox. Also, the astrological chart starts over from the beginning in Aries.

What the Heck is an Equinox Anyway?  

The Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox, is the time of year when daylight and darkness are almost exactly equal (but not quite due to the Earth’s tilt).

Fun Facts (Courtesy of Old Farmer’s Almanac)

  • Worms begin to emerge from the earth. Even the March Moon is called “The Full Worm Moon” for this reason.
  • Notice the arc of the Sun across the sky as it shifts toward the north. Birds are migrating northward, along with the path of the Sun.
  • Speaking of birds, did you know that the increasing sunlight triggers bird song? Cool, eh? Enjoy the Bird Songs page.
  • Trees, shrubs and flowers are sensitive to temperature and day length, too! Since ancient days, people have used them as indicators of when the weather is right for planting. For example: Blooming crocus are your cue to plant radishes, parsnips and spinach. See more of nature’s signs.
  • Of course, the longer days bring warmer weather! Both we and the animals around us strip off our clothes and heavy coats!
  • Ready, set, plant! March is time to start gardens and sow seeds in many regions. See your personalized Best Planting Dates.

We had a big winter storm a week ago, and many of the Pine trees didn’t survive. The ground is literally covered in Pine needles and branches.Fortunately, my dog loves Pine trees so he gets an extra treat on our walks 🙂 However, occasionally we come across birds who have not been so quick to vacate their homes. We end up startling them while they are sleeping on the Pines in the grass, or we watch them congregate, feed and sing in the mornings as the sun rises.

My first reaction was to feel sad for both the trees and the birds, who appear hurt, lost and in survival mode. However, I soon realized that this is all a part of the cycle. In death, there is rebirth. In breaking down, there is building up. The limbs that did not survive the winter storm were not sustainable and did not add to the strength and longevity of the tree. They needed to be released to create space for stronger, more durable, healthier limbs. Those limbs will make even better homes for the birds and the squirrels and all of the other tree inhabitants.

Spring Equinox & You

Did any part of that story resonate with your life? Have you recently released anything that was no longer serving the best version of yourself? Have you attracted something new, bigger and better to fill that space? Do you simply feel the newness and regeneration energy? Now is the ultimate time for new beginnings.

10 Things to Do to Connect with the Energy of Spring

  1. Go outside. Take a walk. Sit underneath the canopy of a tree. Listen to the breeze.
  2. Honor the inhabitants of Earth. How many different animals, plants & insects have you seen? How are they preparing for the dawn of Spring?
  3. Start a new project of hobby. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but keep putting off? Why wait?!
  4. Grow something. It can be your favorite flower or your favorite fruit. Make sure you put your hands way down deep into the soil. And talk to your crop baby…often.
  5. Visit your local farmer’s market. Notice the new crops that have sprouted. Nourish your body with Earth’s seasonal treats!
  6. Watch out for the new babies! Have you smelled skunk spray lately? That’s because there are lots of baby skunks journeying into the world for the first time. Babies get startled easily 🙂 Remember to show compassion for all of the babies that will be venturing out into the world right now.
  7. Discover your favorite scent. Someone said Spring smells of river water and rain. Rose water makes a great body splash. What’s your Spring aromatherapy?
  8. Give love. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Become a mentor. Cuddle newborns in the hospital. Serve food to those less-fortunate. Feed the geese at your local park. Spread the love.
  9. Go on a date. Even if you’re not in a relationship, I can tell you from experience, you make the best date ever! Spoil yourself, pamper yourself, nurture yourself. And have fun!
  10. Find a way to really get into nature. Go creek walking. Take a mud bath. Bathe naked in the sun. Roll in the grass. Dance in the rain. Connect again.

Even if nothing on this list resonates with you, I hope these suggestions can at least inspire you to come up with your own activities.

Birds do it, bees do it

Even educated fleas do it

Let’s do it, let’s fall in love [with Mother Earth again}

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