Thrive – My New Spring Word

According to Merriam-Webster, the word Thrive means:

  • to play
  • to grow vigorously:flourish
  • to gain in wealth or possessions:prosper
  • to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances —often used with on thrives on conflict

Isn’t that what you want? I want to be a thriver, one who thrives. Sometimes it’s a challenge. Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible. Sometimes it’s the last thing on the list. But my Spring Word, that I want to use everyday for at least the next three months, is THRIVE!

I recently had an conversation with my partner about what we each need to flourish and prosper, to thrive. After our conversation, I journaled about my need for beauty, for delight, for treats, and, yes, even for luxury in my life. I also came to realize, that if I want those things in my life, I have to intend, plan, make arrangements for and implement that in my life. Because it’s very clear to me, no one else will do it for me!

It’s spring! A time of growth, of new, of letting go of the cold dead leaves of winter, and rejoicing in the blessings and beauty of the new season. It’s time for pruning the roses and the hedges, planting new seeds, and for putting scheduling time to water for the garden. Time for new intentions, new growth, internally as well as externally.

The way I’m choosing to prosper and thrive, is to make sure that I am open to opportunities. During a conversation with a friend, she said to me, “You are so concerned about everyone else thriving, that you forget about making sure you are thriving”. That statement hit home. I have a dad who is 85, in memory care, and requires lots of care. I have children who I connect with, worry about and try and support. I have a partner who is in the middle of a big project, who I want to support. So, what about me?

Here’s a short list of my intentions to make sure I thrive:
1) Take care of my health, including plenty of walking, water, deep breathing and rest, with an occasional massage or pedicure just for good measure.

2) Finding Delight! I want to make sure everyday I find something to be grateful for, to appreciate and to experience as blessing. Sometimes it’s a good cup of tea, sometimes it’s my granddaughter’s silly dinosaur song, sometimes it’s an overnight at a sweet B and B. Finding sweet delights is part of the way I find the sweetness of life.

3) Staying on track with money, including celebrating the giving and receiving I am blessed with from the Universe, reviewing and revising my budget and being conscious about my spending while recognizing I am worth it!

4) Finding time to care for my soul. Meditation, journalling, prayer, sacred reading and listening to inspiring music all feed my soul.

5) Keeping my home space in as much order as I can. I don’t do well in messy space. I am not nearly as effective or productive when everything is in disarray. When I was a young mother, my house was always in chaos. When things got really bad, I would go clean my closet, so at least something was in order!

One of my favorite poets is Maya Angelou. I love this quote:

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Maya Angelou

I wish and hope that you thrive, blossom, prosper and delight by choosing the best for you and saying no to the rest.

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