Astrology Update – New Moon in Aries on March 27

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Happy Spring! I have just returned from spending the last month in Egypt. As always, magical synchronicities followed us every step of the way during our trip. We met up with old friends (and made some incredible new ones) while visiting all our favorite temples and sites. From meditating at the Sphinx to overnight at Abydos for the Spring Equinox, we felt so blessed to be on the “fast track” to the higher dimensions…thank you, Egypt!

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This New Moon is a crucial turning point, as it is the first New Moon following Spring Equinox emphasizing new life and potential.  Major changes are immanent; changes that push us out of our comfort zones and into areas that will test the courage of our convictions. At least one cycle in our lives is coming to a close.  We are now at a place of new beginnings, but the unknown can sometimes feel scary.  However, like Lot’s wife, there is no turning back. This is the time for blazing trails, discovering new potentials and making leaps of faith. This is not the time to play victim sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to “fix” or “save” us.  Whether in our political views, personal life, or spiritual philosophy, it takes real courage to break away from the pack and think for ourselves. In the ancient past, the Age of Aries meant conquering new territory through wars and aggression. In our enlightened 21st Century, it means conquering our collective fears and having faith in our power to create a better world through peace and freedom.


During this New Moon we have three major planets (Sun, Moon, Venus and Uranus) in the sign Aries making a challenging aspect (square  Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.  On the personal level, as well as the global level, it is crucial that we think objectively and not overreact emotionally to stress. This is a very volatile combination of planets. It is a time for world leaders (as well as individuals) to remain grounded and centered in the midst of an avalanche of external pressures. Questions regarding the abuse of force and power will come up. As global destabilization progresses, once solid institutions may take drastic measures to keep the status quo. It is important for individuals to remember that only fear can render you powerless.

Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn helping to ground any overly aggressive or domineering situations with practical common sense.

Mercury and Uranus in Aries (super-charged, impulsive thinking) both trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Once again, high-voltage energy is grounded by practical Saturn.  Traditional values can be significantly influenced by creative and unconventional ideas.

We have more energy now to move out of old fear patterns. It is difficult to remain “stuck” when 5 major planets are lined up in Aries!



Aries is the cardinal fire sign, the first sign of the zodiac. On the personality level, it is where we begin to “individuate” and stretch our egos.  If your Sun sign is Aries, this is your personal New Moon. Following last month’s eclipses , depending on where the signs of Aries/Libra fall in your chart, you are coming to a close of a 19-year cycle. Whether you feel ready for it or not, something new is birthing into your reality.

Begin a new project, make plans for the future; have an adventure, but take some positive action.   Where the sign of Aries falls in your birthchart will tell which area (s) of life you are willing to take a risk,  and/or where you are feeling restless and want to make changes. The trick with Aries is to implement change without being reckless, impatient or scattered.

Blessings, Mary

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