Mindful Eating – How to Make Healthy Chakra Smoothies

When living with mindfulness and intent, you can convert any daily experience or routine into a more purposeful practice to enhance your day.

Last year, as I was experimenting with my new blender, I decided that instead of just throwing in what ingredients I wanted, I would evaluate my energetic needs for the day and create my smoothie with the intent of supporting that specific need. The Chakra Smoothie was born! Using the colors and related attributes of the chakras (see below), you can breathe life into your food so that it will nourish mind, body, and spirit.

If I have a day that needs a good foundation and rooting, support to go out and manifest my dreams, or I have a lot of “adulting” to do, I lean heavy to the red and orange family of fruits and veggies. These foods and colors give me an added boost by tapping my root and sacral chakras and give me a solid root for my real-world aspirations, creativity, and follow-through.

Days for heart-centered mindfulness in my actions, or soothings of my heart, or to project love into the world through healing, I create a smoothie with green, and blue fruits and vegetables. When connecting with my higher-self, and to tap into a higher reasoning, or have a clear voice that is coming from my heart, then I lean towards a smoothie that is heavier in the colors of blue and purple to support the functioning of the throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

Create your smoothies with colorful intent.

Below you will find a basic recipe for one of my favorite chakra smoothies. It represents all the colors in balance. Add or delete items to suit your tastes and read the below Chakra definitions for suggestions and inspiration of what fruits and vegetables to use. For the liquid, you can use water, fruit juice, almond milk, or any other “milk” as the liquid. Sweeten to taste with organic sugar, honey, or granulated honey powder. Use ripe and premium quality organic produce when possible. I purchase from farm stands in the summer and freeze in baggies for easy storage. Many larger box stores now have organic frozen fruits available for purchase.

Add flax, chia, and hemp seeds to your smoothie for a boost of fiber and heart-healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids, plus added protein that will give you sustained energy. I love Ancestral Roots Seed Trilogy Blend as an add-in to my daily smoothies. You will also want a good blender. I recently purchased the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Compact System 1200 Watts, and I have found it to be a great value. It is able to handle carrots, harder vegetables, and seeds in my smoothies, blending them into a delicious consistency.

Chakra Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie is a basic structure that can be modified in any way you wish to accommodate your individual tastes. Switch out other fruits and vegetables as needed based on what is in season or what is in your pantry. Use organic fruit and vegetables when possible. Layer your smoothie from the bottom up in your cup. Red at the base, and then Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet colored fruit and vegetables. Just a little of each fruit and vegetable adds up, so less is more! Sweeten with your favorite sweetener to your desired taste.

If you prefer a colder smoothie, make sure use frozen fruits or leave room for a little ice to blend in with your ingredients.

Blend and enjoy! Have a moment of gratitude for the healthy energy and balance that these ingredients will give you in your day.

Tip: Each week I prepare a container with my different frozen ingredients all in one container, and all of my refrigerator ingredients prepped and ready to go. Easy peasy, grab-and-go!

Remember to snap a picture and use #MEchakrasmoothie so I can see how you built your chakra smoothie!

Red: Raspberries, Strawberries, and Red Bell Pepper
Orange: Carrots, and ½ Clementine
Yellow: Mango
Green: Celery, Cucumber, and Kale
Blue: Blueberries
Violet: Beet

2 Tbsp. Ancestral Roots Seed Trilogy Blend (Chia, Flax, Hemp)
1 Tsp. Organic Honey Granules (or your favorite sweetener)
1 (+/-) Cup Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Take a morning moment for extra self-care and align your day by lovingly paying attention to the food that you prepare for yourself. Ultimately, we are all our own healers and this is a wonderful opportunity to facilitate that healing. Take joy in preparing your nurturing food, and see how it lifts you, mind, body, and spirit.

These are my interpretations derived from different teachings of the chakra system, simplified for use with this article.

Root Chakra: Muladhara

Color: Red

Attributes: Instinct, security, survival. Matters of the real world. Fight or flight, food, shelter, income. Sensuality, sexuality, and sense of security.

Suggested fruits/vegetables: Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, goji berries, cranberry juice, red bell pepper, red apple, pomegranate


Sacral Chakra: Svadhishthana

Color: Orange

Attributes: Creativity, joy, enthusiasm, pleasure, emotional needs, relationships.

Suggested fruits/vegetables: Carrots, orange bell pepper, carrots, papaya, mango, peach, nectarine, orange, clementine, apricot, cantaloupe


Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura

Color: Yellow

Body parts: Metabolic and digestive systems, nourishment, physical energy.

Attributes: Personal power, personal growth, expansiveness.

Suggested fruits/vegetables: Banana, pineapple, mango, yellow bell pepper, yellow watermelon, lemon, star fruit (ripe), golden delicious apple, golden beets


Heart Chakra: Anahata

Color: Green

Attributes: Unconditional love, compassion, devotion, and passion, health, and wellbeing.

Suggested fruits/vegetables: Avocado, cucumber, celery, kiwi, lime, green pepper, green grapes, green apple, kale, spinach, parsley


Throat/Third Eye Chakras (combined): Vishuddha/Ajna

Color: Blue

Throat: Communication, independence, fully expressed, growth, sense of security,

fluid and complex thought.

Third Eye: Clarity, vision, intuition, spirit consciousness, balance, trusting intuition

Suggested fruits/vegetables: Blueberries, blackberries, prunes, raisins


Crown Chakra: Sahasrara

Color: Purple

Attributes: Universal consciousness and unity, “oneness,” connection with being one with spirit. The unfolding of karma.

Suggested fruits/vegetables: Beets, purple grapes, fig, plum

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