What Mugsy Taught Me About Love

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a wild animal and been able to see their soul? I feel that hue-mans have a history of objectifying and controlling the other living beings we share our planet with, from crocodile shoes to “breaking” wild animals for domesticated use to eliminating whole forests for paper, oil or some other unnatural commodity. I would never use the word “resource” because I know we can live happy, healthy lives in a much more harmonious way.

Although I personally take care of a dog, I would never consider myself his “owner” or him to be “my pet”. In fact, both Mugsy and my Beloved have opened my eyes to pet ownership, and how unnatural it is for both the hue-man and the pet. Mugsy should be able to spend as much time outdoors as he likes, not be on my work schedule. When he was a puppy, I didn’t even walk him on a leash. I LOVE my freedom, so I always wanted to give him as much as possible. But we all have learning curves, and I truly, truly love and appreciate him for loving me through mine.

The woman I was when I brought Mugsy home at 13 weeks is a shadow of the woman I have become. He has taught me true patience, compassion, selflessness, and to not sweat the small stuff. I have also become a professional groomer, bather, soother, confidence builder, masseuse, nail clipper and belly rubber.

As my relationship with my boyfriend progressed, we began talking about moving in together, and him living with a pet for the first time. Once we got to the root of the hesitation, it became apparent that what he really was concerned about was ownership vs. companionship. He helped me see that even animals who have been domesticated for many years can still return to their instinctual roots. We as hue-mans have the privilege and honor to be in a position to return all living beings to their former and ultimate glory!

Erin Tamar Find Your Happy What Mugsy Taught Me March 28, 2017

There are 3 major types of interaction between hue-mans and all other living beings here on Earth (Gaia):

  • Observation
  • Companionship and Symbiosis
  • Ownership, Subjectivity and Domination

Can you guess which type has become prevalent in societies around the world? If you guessed ownership, unfortunately, you guessed correctly. Let me break it down a little more:


  • Very basic and simple
  • Admiring the beauty of natural living beings around you
  • Never interfering or otherwise altering natural living beings around you

Companionship & Symbiosis

  • A little more complex in that it takes careful consideration, compassion and knowledge of nature to be effective
  • Interacting with natural living beings around you
  • Creating a relationship that is mutually and equally beneficial to both hue-mans and all natural living beings
  • Truly loving and caring for all living beings unconditionally, even if there is no apparent benefit for you
  • Always putting the best interest of all natural living beings first, even if it means taking the road less traveled (read: not doing things because it is easier for YOU…and only you)

Ownership, Subjectivity & Domination

  • Using natural living for selfish purposes that not only do not benefit the living being in question, but also harms them in ways that can be irreversible
  • Having no compassion or empathy for the treatment and care of natural living beings
  • Having a false sense of superiority and feeling human needs are more important that any other natural living being
  • Treating living beings as objects that have no feelings, no purpose and no soul


Erin Tamar Find Your Happy What Mugsy Taught Me March 28, 2017

Now, if you have a pet, ask yourself honestly, which category does your relationship fit into? If you have ever interacted with an animal otherwise, was it in a natural environment like your backyard or a park, or unnatural environment like a zoo or a pet store?

In honor of the current lunation beginning with the past new moon in Aries, I’d like to challenge you to do something new:

  • Beginners – Think differently the next time you visit a zoo or play with your pet.
  • Intermediates – Dig deeper to develop a more intimate, loving and intuitive connection with the natural living beings around you. Communicate with the birds, the squirrels, the deer, and even your household plants.
  • Experts – What can you do to help the inhabitants of the zoos, the circuses, the mass production farms, the oceans, the skies and the land beneath us? How can you contribute to helping us all live safely, happily, loving & harmoniously with each other?

This is all of our homes and we need each other to not only survive, but also thrive! Let’s get back to making the world a better place for US ALL.


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