How to Survive Life in Retrograde – Astrology Updates for April 2017

During the Month of April, we will experience five (5), yes, I said five, planets in retrograde:

  • Jupiter from February 6 to June 9
  • Venus from March 4 to April 15
  • Saturn from April 6 to August 25
  • Mercury from April 9 to May 3
  • Pluto April 20 to September 28

Planets in retrograde appear to move in a reverse direction in the sky. Anything that these planets rule over will go a bit chaotic during the retrograde period. Effects of retrogrades range from mild to fetal position depending where they hit your natal chart. I highly recommend Astrology readings at least once a year to see how the cosmic dances are affecting you personally. My two friends and go-to readers are Mary Lomando and Audrey Alison.

Retrogrades are all about the R’s: review, revisit, retrace, remember, revise, rewire, redo, reclaim, release, reconsider, you get the picture. I sometimes vote for retreat (like to an underground bunker with Netflix and lots of chocolate), but retrogrades always find you exactly where you are. The planetary effects are not just physical, but muddle and morph mind, body, soul, spirit, karma, and every other level of being-ness. It is at once a glorious, initiatory, clusterf*ck of ecstatic madness. And something that we will totally appreciate … after it’s over.

So, how do we embrace the ecstatic madness? Ride the bucking bronco into the sunset without falling off and breaking our necks?

This is why we practice. As I was doing a late night emotional dump with a friend recently, she reminded me that Goddess, God, our practices, our spiritual tenets, and the way we approach life are not just there for the easy moments. They are HERE for the now that sucks or feels scary. Our practices, our paths are the sacred refuge that give us comfort, fortitude, and they are the deep breath that sends us back into the middle of the ring. Pick up your mala, stuff a medicine bag with all the good, pray, lay on Gaia and absorb the good vibes. We have everything we need. Let me say that again … We have everything we need. Use it.

While planetary retrogrades hit different areas of each person’s life according to their charts, everyone is feeling the effects. “We are all in this together” is reassurance you are not alone and it is most certainly not just your life. If people are acting a bit weird, don’t take it all personally. Do girls nights in, have bestie slumber parties, spend time in late night pillow talk. Embrace your favorite humans and BE human with each other. Or your favorite furry face, this works always.

Pay attention. The Universe is giving us valuable information that can assist us in moving forward, manifesting, and achieving our heart’s desire. Remember the R’s of retrogrades and really pay attention to repeating trends, recurring lessons, and what information is coming to you. This information is the root of transformation, take the rough ride and invite the lessons to become powerful motivators to action and needed change. This is not all for nothing. For the mindful participant in life, you are being given super-charged cosmic directions and assistance even if it arrives in an uncomfortable manner. What is the Universe telling you, deeply, directly, soulfully?

“With the equanimity of an open heart, the slings and arrows of our difficult and frustrating lives find less purchase, and suffering becomes a doorway into love.” ― Kristin Neff

Be compassionate. Be kind. Be love. Life in retrograde is not for sissies. When things go sideways, be gentle with your Self. Love your Self. Allow your Self to be your very own knight in shining armor and BFF. Treat your Self … do the long walks, visits to the ocean, sushi runs, take as much downtime as you can, embrace the evening of tv binges, and no judging. Resist the urge to completely cave and open your heart to wonder, magic, and the next awesome thing.

Jupiter and Venus – NASA photo of the day 2014

Planets in Retrogradefor April 2017 and What It Means

Jupiter is all about expansion, joviality, good fortune, wealth, and positive living. It has been in retrograde  in Libra since February 6 and stations direct June 9. For some, Jupiter retrograde in Libra combined with Venus in retrograde has brought relationship issues and challenges to light. Jupiter being in retrograde does not mean that all of our luck runs out for the annual 120 days that Jupiter jogs backward. We may consider it a sacred pause that gives us time to appreciate our blessings, ponder next steps, and really consider what “luck” means to us. Watch for unexpected opportunities!

Venus is our heart, how we express our heart, and, interestingly, has a great affect on our money and how we earn it. It is retrograde from March 4 until April 15, but has some challenging aspects to it, especially in the next few weeks and even after it stations direct. I recommend reading Chani Nicholas’ horoscope post for this week

April is a time for deep meditations on the nature of our unions. It is a time to see all the sinkholes that we encounter along the roads of love. It is a time to take our time so that we build the kind of sturdy structures that can hold our hearts up. If we rush this process, we’ll miss the wisdom that this moment wants to impart on us. We’ll miss the opportunity to make long-lasting change. We’ll mistake temporary relief for the initiation we need. ~ Chani Nicholas

Ma Kali via Pinterest

Saturn is Karma, Ma Kali, Time, Life Lessons, Restriction, Structure, and goes retrograde from April 6 to August 25. Saturn, loves rules, discipline, commitment, and did I mention rules? When Saturn is in play during our infamous Saturn returns (returning to our natal charts every 28 years) and during retrogrades, we feel constricted, sluggish, and embattled – as if Time has stopped. The tough side of Saturn is all about shedding the dross and making us shiny and new. Saturn’s challenges always have a reason, even when we can’t see it.

This Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is halting us in our tracks and having us assess our commitments and especially our over-commitments. Kali may even ask how we are balancing our budgets and books. It is asking us how we are managing our lives and what structures are working and what is not. Future plans may move like molasses. The best advice for Saturn is to do the work in front of us and focus on completing projects that have already started. That which you resist will persist and since Saturn is doing a big, ole karmic cleanse, get with the program and focus on the the liberation coming.

During the period when Saturn is transiting retrograde, it is essential that we go back and assess and solidify commitments made, projects started and responsibilities undertaken in the past. This must be done before we can continue. Saturn transiting retrograde provides the opportunity to reassess what we have taken on, to finally say NO, to back out of a commitment and to improve the organization of a project. While the process is going on, while you are working with what you have at hand, you should be warned against taking on any unnecessary responsibilities or long-range commitments. Only deal with issues from the past; do not take on new ones! ~ Lynn Koiner

Mercury retrogrades are familiar territory to many of us since they happen several times a year. This month’s Mercury retrograde in Taurus occurs from April 9 to May 3. What is not familiar or predictable about a Mercury retrograde is how it will manifest. You can bet that Mercury will hit you unexpectedly leaving echoes of his laughter as he flies away. The cosmic jester. Oh yeah. Communications, delays, tech issues, more tech issues, mechanical mayhem, travel setbacks, Mercury rules over it all and keeps us on our toes. Chaotic situations in communication, tech, and travel especially will have Mercury’s prints all over it. There is no avoiding Mercury, so roll with it. You can prepare, but also prepare to have your preparations turned upside down.

This Mercury retrograde is also heavily focused around career and money. If either of these things have been an issue for you, Mercury will allow you to finally bring the truth to the surface.

Mercury will allow you to see clearly what is blocking your way and how you can get your career or financial situation into better shape.

While in retrograde, Mercury will be guiding you to take ownership of what you really want in regards to your career. This energy will help you to rework your goals, dreams and wishes so you are more aligned with your highest truth.

If money has been an issue, Mercury is going to be supporting you to get things in order. Perhaps you will be encouraged to think about your finances and to take more responsibility in regards to your relationship with money. Forever Conscious

And then there was one.

“Keep calm and grow magic pomegranates.” ~ Molly Ringle

Pluto, ruler of the Underworld, the unconscious, is also making his annual retrograde from April 20 to September 28 in Capricorn. Pluto is an outer planet (by those of us who still consider it a planet) and has more global implications than some of the other planets. Capricorn rules government and patriarchal structures (sound familiar??) and we may seem some of these old structures wavering and toppling.

Pluto retrograde  may also call for some soul searching on the personal front and to look at old fears, self-sabotage issues, and how we are striving for our own authenticity and empowerment. Think Tower card in the tarot – it is never needless destruction, and it can leave a big hole, but it is necessary initiation for our deepest Selves.

Need some Goddess guidance for Plutonian explorations? Inanna, Erishkegal, Ishtar, Persephone, Hekate … these are the Queens of the Underworld and return.

Are you ready for the take-away? Life happens. Retrogrades happen EVERY YEAR. We learn to surrender after getting batted around a bit like a mouse to the cosmic kitty. And joy happens. Love happens. We learn to grab onto the positive, life-affirming, heart-centered good stuff. We remember our practices, we hang on to each other, and surf the giant planet waves.

Take good care of you during these retrogrades. Be open to the information that makes it worth the roller-coaster and stay open to the blessings. Because there are ALWAYS blessings!

xoxo Kimberly

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