Full Moon in Libra April 11 – Astrology Update and Meditation

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Happy Full Moon/ Easter/Passover week!

I have just returned from Egypt, and I’m now enjoying a beautiful spring week working in Nashville. If it feels like time is speeding up, and world events are happening faster than we can keep up, join the club! Mercury has just gone retrograde in early Taurus ( until May 5) and Venus is slowing her pace ready to rock and roll once again as she moves forward in the sign of Pisces. Whether personally or collectively, this Full Moon is going to highlight the need for cooperation, harmony and balance in all our relations. Find the “Middle Path”; stay centered; and don’t allow others to push your buttons. It’s time to take a deep breath, let go of your stress, and allow the healing energy of Mother Nature to alleviate your stress.

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During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. This Full Moon is in the sign of Libra opposite the Sun in Aries.

Aries/Libra is the relationship axis, since the planets Mars and Venus are the respective rulers. Male and female energies need to come into Balance ( the scales of Libra)

Balanced partnerships, co-operation, ethics and the Law are the Libran code. As a collective, we are dealing with karma having to do with “might versus right”. As our country now faces karmic choices on a collective level, it is imperative that we look at our choices… (Supreme Court Justices, for example; war vs. peace, etc). This is not the time for “an eye for an eye” mentality.

Jupiter is also with the Moon in Libra, so the message is to nurture the important relationships in your life. Try not to overreact in situations over the next few days. A Full Moon with Mercury retrograde may make us feel more vulnerable to other people’s words and actions, especially those closest to us (friends and family members).

With Mercury retrograde you can expect the unexpected. Taurus wants everything nice and stable, but you may have to test your flexibility quotient until May 5th. The good news is “Lost” possessions may turn up out of the blue; money owed may come in, and you can finally watch all those movies queued up on your TV.


This Full Moon is all about relationships. The sign of Libra teaches us that we are never alone in the universe; we are in a constant dance of co-creation with Spirit. As you enjoy and appreciate the other people in your life, celebrate yourself, as well! Throw a little Venus fun into the mix. This Full Moon is a great time to do something artistic; enjoy a museum, concert or art gallery; treat yourself to a new restaurant, join a social network, but don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something new. The part of the body ruled by Libra is the kidneys. It is important for Librans to drink lots of water to flush out toxins. Sugar and excessive amounts of caffeine should be avoided whenever possible. Also learning how to channel anger and repressed emotions is important for their physical (as well as mental) well-being. Acupuncture, yoga, Chinese medicine and herbs can help support sluggish adrenals to avoid the feeling fatigue.

Historically Speaking:

In the ancient Egypt of 5,000 years ago, the original symbol for the sign of Libra was the sun rising over the hilltops. However, Libra has come down to us through the ages as being represented by the glyph of the scales. In ancient Egypt, the Goddess Maat is the Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Right Balance (Karma). She is the Goddess who oversees the “weighing of the heart” of the deceased on the karmic scales. The heart is weighed against her white feather of truth, and the heart must be found lighter than the feather, in order for the individual to pass on to paradise. Maat was not born from another god or goddess. She has been around since the beginning of creation as the principal of cosmic order; she is consciousness itself. Even the Sun God, Ra, lives by the cosmic order of Maat. From Maat, we learn the the concept of inner balance (male/female, yin/yang), which becomes the hallmark of Libra.


Light a white candle. If you have a favorite crystal or healing stone keep it with you on your journey. Lie down and relax your body; breathe deeply and leave the stress and tensions of everyday reality behind you. Imagine yourself in a magical garden filled with lush plants, exotic flowers of every color and scent and soft green grass. You hear birds singing and you feel as carefree as a small child. You are lying beneath the branches of an immense tree which reaches to the sky. You feel nurtured and safe here. Remind yourself that you are here today to recharge your energy at your inner “tree of life”. This tree branches into all dimensions and timelines and unites all aspects of yourself. It is your Karmic Family Tree and contains the knowledge of who you are; who you have been; and who you will continue to be. The eternal roots of this tree will continue to nourish your soul (and all you touch) with love, healing, and forgiveness.

Stepping from behind your Tree of Life, you see the Goddess Maat as a beautiful woman wearing a long white gown. On her head, she wears golden crown topped with a pure white feather. She is as eternally wise as she is a loving, and she is a very powerful guide to have on your side. Her message is one of hope. She tells you that no matter how challenging the situations may be in your life; no matter how difficult the relationships, she is here to help you regain your balance and find your center. She will help you to find the right words; the right action; to alleviate your stress. You will replace fear and worry with the inner knowledge that you are in a state of divine grace; your heart has been weighed down for too long, but now it is lighter than a feather. You feel your heart expand with her words; your mind feels crystal clear; you are more energized and alive. Maat tells you that you may reenter this garden with your tree of life anytime you feel stressed or overloaded. It will always be your sanctuary. She hands you her white feather of Truth. It is now your own. Walk in Truth and Beauty.



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