The Search for Real Food

I used to get so frustrated whenever I had to go to the grocery store. SO frustrated. Nothing tasted good to me anymore. I stayed with what worked: spaghetti, turkey burgers, breakfast food…but even that began to get old and monotonous. I had also been learning more and more about what real health food was, and wasn’t. Even my safe food was exposed to be unsafe, as I began reading ingredient labels on everything. Diethylene-this, genetically-engineered-this, aspartame-that. What was I supposed to eat? Where was the real food?!

Being a Taurus, food is important to me. I’ve never been an “eat-to-live” person. I wouldn’t call it “living-to-eat” either. I would describe my relationship with food to be one of immense pleasure. Since my Sun is in Taurus, I am very sensual by nature. Taste, touch, smell, sound and sight, when rich and beautiful, release an immense amount of endorphins for me. Even the more expanded senses, like intuition, meditation and even lucid dreaming make me feel like I’m in the ultimate fantasy world of my dreams. So when it comes to eating, I have to eat things that literally make my mouth water. I have to eat things that make me excited, that make me have to remind myself to chew thoroughly before devouring.

I realized I had to go back to the magick lab. I utilized one full moon (to release any attachments to unhealthy food), one new moon (to manifest healthy, holistic food), and the Autumn Equinox. I called on my Spirit Team, my Ancestors, my Ascended Masters that like to guide and support me and my Orishas. And guess what?! Within thirty days, while doing a search on organic, additive-free grocery stores and farmer’s market, I found exactly what I was looking for! There’s a small grocer named Harvest Market, about 20-25 minutes from my house, but it is SO worth the drive. They only stock food directly from local Pennsylvania farms, and have made a commitment to only purchase from companies who only supply truly wholesome, chemical-free products. They even sell chemical-free beauty products and household cleaners. IT WAS THE BEST INVESTMENT EVER.

I would definitely recommend that you find a place like this close to your own home. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Beginners – Do your best to get as close to farm food as possible (organically grown and harvested). You also want to look for products that do not contain any chemicals, and were grown using heirloom seeds
  • Intermediates – Get your hands dirty and grow your own food! You can start simple with herbs, spices and easy-to-grow crops like lettuce, green beans or cucumbers. Also, stay tuned to this blog for more tips on sustainable gardening
  • Experts – Already growing? What types of crops are you planting? The most optimal eating regimen you can incorporate into your life is to only eat alkaline, oxygenated, raw foods. Do some research on which foods meet this criteria. 

Eating is vitally important to me, and I am very passionate about healthy and delicious food. We all need healthy, wholesome food to thrive, and we all have come to love the deliciously unhealthy food that has saturated the market. I believe we can have both, but it is up to us as individuals to create this fusion of wellness. It is neither “cost-effective” nor a priority for big business to change their tactics, especially when the primary goal and business strategy is profit-over-everything.

So, on behalf of your body, your temple, I encourage you to experiment, get your hands dirty, play with your food for once! Listen intuitively to your body. Learn what a true craving is. Discover what flavors you love, and what flavors complement each other. Grow your food, and if you want cooked food, cook in smoke and fire as often as possible. Find your local farmer’s market or farm-based grocery store and make sure to inquire about their suppliers: are they chemical-free and cruelty-free? Are they sustainable farmers? 

Spoil yourself with the absolute best thing you can put inside your body. It’s your temple, your vessel, treat it right!

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