Charlotte Elea

Charlotte Eléa is an Intuitive Counselor and Self-Discovery Coach. She guides her clients toward developing their intuitive strengths and listening to their inner wisdom, and is passionate about facilitating inquiries, connections and discoveries that alchemize growth, healing and transformation.
She offers sacred group circles and individual intuitive sessions, working from a foundation in psychology, alchemy, counseling principles, Jungian archetypes and elemental spirituality. She has been reading Tarot and analyzing dreams for herself and others for over sixteen years.
She meets with clients all over the world via Zoom and Skype, and in-person in Los Angeles. She can be found at

The Healing Power of Alchemy

Alchemy is the process of distilling something into its most pure, sacred essence. It may sound complicated, but it is actually quite simple. On a physical level, it occurs naturally and passively when two disparate elements come together into the same space. As one element acts as a catalyst for […] Read more »