Submissions for Seeking Bliss EveryDay

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Seeking Bliss EveryDay! We are very interested in posts on personal spiritual practices, experiences with Deity, and sacred living and practices, plus your unique expression.

We are delighted to welcome regular contributors or the occasional article share. Original work is preferred, but we may consider previously published articles from your personal website/blog. A new title and intro may be required in this case.

What We Request of Contributors:

~ Submissions of 800 – 2000 words via a word document only (pdf’s will not be accepted). For new contributors, please include a short bio, a pic of you, and relevant links to your personal site and social media. Longer pieces may be considered for a series.

~ We want your personal perspective! Writing should be engaging, creative, and have YOU in it.

~ Topics: Mindful Living; Spirituality (including Goddess Spirituality, Buddhism, Eastern traditions, Shamanism, and more!); Yoga; Wellness; Nutrition; Wholistic Living; Seasonal Topics; Sacred Travel; Goddess and other deity practices; spiritual topics (Shamanism, healing, sacred tools); Feminist issues; women’s empowerment topics; daily spiritual practices; herbs; healing; sacred living; poetry; music; artwork; photography; book reviews; organic product reviews.

~ For your article – pictures that you own or have permission to use or we will add a picture to the article. Please submit the picture/photo in the same email as your submission.

~ We copy-edit for minor grammatical errors, typos, and the occasional sentence structure, but your submission should come to us with a minimum of editing required. Those articles that require more than the minimum of editing will be returned to the author and may be re-submitted for the future.

~ All authors will have a brief bio with pic and links at the bottom of the article. Regular contributors (once a month minimum) will also receive a full author page. Please use your name on all documents and pictures.

~ Sharing is Caring – please follow Seeking Bliss EveryDay on social media (we follow back!) and share your submission when published across your networks and connect back to Seeking Bliss EveryDay.


Submit to seekingblissmedia (at) gmail (dot) com


Please email Kimberly if you have any questions, are interested in sponsored posts, Seeking Bliss Online (our online learning platform), or advertising. 

Seeking Bliss EveryDay is also looking for teachers interested in joining our learning platform: Seeking Bliss Online and/or Mystery School of the Goddess.  If you are interested in an instructor slot or doing a single course, please contact me for more information and info on our capabilities and availability. Other than providing the platform, we also offer services for course set-up, editing, and marketing. You must have prior teaching and hands-on experience.


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